"Why did you bring the Professor? He mustn't win this game..."
 Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (2009)

I’d rather die than live as a burden!

I’d rather die than live as a burden!

The question has been answered

The question has been answered

and so the time has come…

and I really don’t want to but I must go. My exams will be over in less than a month and hopefully by then my life wont be! I will miss all my lovely followers very much and I wish you luck in whatever endeavours you may encounter. Until May 16th my friends.

Au revoir 




What does kindness get you? This.






oops I went on a rant

last one is truth

This lesbian feminism shit is getting old.
There are those of us fellas that aren’t like te guys you bitch about all the time.
You’re bitching about egotistical meatheads. There are plenty of straight guys who are not like that. Such as myself.
Stop calling out the entire species of human males. You’re making yourselves literally look like a bunch of dumb butches.
Oops autocorrect but imma leave it cause it fits

"This lesbian feminism"
"Making yourselves look like butches"

That’s actually hilarious, gr8 on you for displaying how homophobic you are as well as ignorant. We’re all so proud!!